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Logo Your custom sneakers for the metaverse ! Discover our unique custom sneaker NFTs.
Our goal is to dress your future metaverse avatar.
Many things to come, so feel free to join us and take part in this project.
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Silly custom sneakers OpenSea
/ 1 / Project launch. Creation of a dedicated website and first collection drop / 2 / Community growing. Marketing strategy and social media launch. Several collaborations incoming / 3 / New collection drop and the possibility to mint on this website / 4 / Creation of 3D visuals to prepare the project drop into the metaverse / 5 / A metaverse store and the possibility to virtually wear your Silly custom sneakers
Silly “ My name is Simon aka Silly, I live in France and I've been making custom sneakers for more than 3 years now.
I've collaborated with names like SCH, Konbini. ”