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Who are you ? πŸ—ΊοΈ I'm MEBIUS, a passionate human who loves to create. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨ Graduate ? πŸŽ“ I study electronics & computer science since high-school. πŸ’»βš‘
I'm now an engineer.
Where are you ? 🌍 I'm based in Paris. 🏑
I travel the world to make things happen. ✈️
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Thanks to my creativity & engineer experience,
I can create, prototype & optimize your IoT devices (hardware & software)

Put some pragmatism in your projects !
Connected orientation race bracelet by MEBIUS Connected orientation race bracelet L'Oeil by MEBIUS Presence checker for "Les Grands Voisins" workshops
No inspiration ?
Tell me a story and I'll design your application, website or logo
FairRoad by MEBIUS Application & logo design for FairRoad
Need to have a web presence ?
I'll create a fast, responsive website from A to Z.
From design to SEO through database, everything is possible !

Your website is slow, unsecured, not responsive ?
I'll take a look at & optimize it ! by MEBIUS Carpentry company by MEBIUS Artist "Lhiroyd"
& settings page by MEBIUS French "Yellow Vests" claims by MEBIUS StudioJJ
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I can host your website & domain on my server
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